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Explore life, faith and meaning.

Do you have questions that Google can't answer?

I know it seems unlikely when we can turn to the inhuman universal search engine for everything from self-diagnosis to do-it-yourself repair tutorials, but what about when questions involving faith or the meaning of life arise?

Alpha is the place to start.

This is a twelve week course where the basics of the Christian faith will be explored and explained.

Do you ever wonder why your pray? Or how to read the Bible? Have you heard of names like Jesus, God, Holy Spirit amidst the other spiritual jargon out there and wonder what is what?

Alpha covers all of the above and more.

No question is off limits.

No opinion is unwelcome.

Watch former NHL player and Stanley Cup Champion, Joe DiPenta, share his journey from an Alpha guest to an Alpha host...

We typically offer this course twice a year. Please let us know below if you would be interested in participating in a future course and we will contact you!