What is the Bible?

The greatest story ever told... except it's all true.

You know that book that can sometimes be found in a hotel room drawer or that pastor’s typically hold at weddings and funerals?

This book is more than an accessory or a decorative addition to a coffee table. 

The Bible is the Word of God; various human authors wrote it but behind them was another Author: the Spirit of God. Even when they weren’t fully aware of it, God was guiding them so that what they wrote wasn’t just their own words but God’s Word. 

This book is truth and life. It’s God’s love letter to us. 

This book isn’t just a collection of human ideas about God nor a guidebook for living. 

The Bible is God’s primary way of communicating with us. 

The Bible is our authority in everything it touches. It’s filled with life-giving encouragement, instruction and direction that doesn’t expire, and will meet you exactly where you are at in life. 


Q: In my past experiences with reading the Bible, I have found the language hard to read, it seems kind of old fashioned. What translation should I read?

We live in the most accessible time in history where there are so many different English translations of the Bible, beyond the original Old English. We would recommend using the New International Translation (NIV) or the New Living Translation (NLT) that uses modern language and is easy to understand.

Q: Where do I start? 

The Bible is composed of 2 parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament points towards Christ’s coming and the New Testament talks about His arrival. The book in the New Testament titled “John” is a great place to start. He was a disciple of Jesus and write about the experience of his life.

Q: Where do I go with my questions?

Most Bibles have a concordance or an index in the back where it lists where you can find scripture talking about different topics like fear, anxiety, parenting.

If this is your first time hearing about the Bible and you’re interested in learning more, we would love to give you your own copy. If you have more questions about this book and what it means, please contact us. One of our pastors would love to meet with you and talk about it.