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Meet Our Ministry Staff

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Andrew McGregor

Lead Pastor

Andrew McGregor grew up in northern Alberta where his family church planted. Before moving to Grande Prairie, Andrew lived and served in Fort Nelson Alliance, Flin Flon Alliance, and Fort St. John Alliance where he was previously Lead Pastor.


Andrew’s heart is for people to know Jesus and walk with Him in everything. He is grateful for the opportunity and privilege to continue to shepherd His people. 


Andrew and his wife Maria are the proud parents of two daughters, Anna and Sophia. They enjoy movie nights as a family and being outside together. 


Some fun facts about Andrew:


  • He is not a fan of coffee or any other hot drink for that matter. He loves people and conversation but he will be drinking water if invited to “go for coffee.”
  • He has absolutely zero driving infractions - not even a photo radar has tarnished his perfect driving record.
  • Andrew is not his first name. 


Rod Willems

Executive Pastor

Rod joined our leadership team in 2011. He grew up in Hepburn, Saskatchewan and studied at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. He is known in the office for his devotion: to the wellbeing of the staff, to the wellbeing of his fish, and to his wife Adeline. As for Rod's personal interests, he self-defines as having "sequential obsessions." Perhaps a bit cryptic but it perfectly describes his long path of one hobby to the next... to the next... to the next.


Jennifer Zylstra


Jennifer has been involved in children's ministry at GPAC for over 20 years, and came on staff as Director in 2014. She has a passion for seeing kids grounded in the Word of God as the foundation for their life. Her favourite verse is Matthew 4:4, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Her favourite season is summer and in the winter she enjoys travelling to places to find summer.


Caleb Barkman

Pastor of Worship

Caleb studied at Peace River Bible Institute and joined our staff team after graduation in 2008. He started out as our Youth and Young Adults Ministries Pastor, and more recently has begun leading our Worship Ministry and Church Renewal journey. His favourite non-Bible books are the "Lion of War" series by Cliff Graham. He is a self-described AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego). Other little known facts about Caleb include: he likes to listen to dubstep in the Auditorium at church when no one is around, he likes sneaking a cup full of bacon bits when his wife isn't looking, his rapper name is CJ Barks, and he firmly stands by the belief that Coke will always be better than Pepsi. 


Ruth Nilsson

PASTOR OF Global Impact

Ruth has been a part of GPAC staff since 2018. She was given a heart for missions at a young age and has served the church in Mexico and continues to do so from here. A source of encouragement for current and future International Workers, Ruth's passion for the Great Commission fuels her work daily. Some her favourite things include: the outdoors, wiener roasts, campfires, and biking through God's beautiful nature. She also enjoys sharing her favourite candy from Mexico (Pulparindo) with unassuming staff - it certainly packs a punch!


Matthew Yeomans

Pastor of Worship & Technical Arts

Matt relocated from southern BC to join our staff team in 2015. He brings a gift of detail to the wide-range of tech needs of our church, along with a hunger to see others learn about the love of Jesus. He and his wife, Ashley are enjoying the busy years of parenting three young boys. Matt enjoys videography, photography, and naming his offspring after both Star Wars characters and Biblical heroes.


Annette Wiebe

Faith In Deed Director

Meet Annette Wiebe, our Faith In Deed (also known as FID) Director for over 10 years. Her team serves our community by meeting financial and emergency needs in a practical way. She has a team of volunteers who would love to meet you and see if they can assist you.

Who is Annette? In her own words, "Just take me to a beach, hand me a coffee and good book and we will be friends for life."


Michael Siggelkow

PASTOR OF Student Ministries

Michael grew up in Grande Prairie and returned after graduating from Briercrest College and Seminary; he joined GPAC staff in 2017. He and his wife, Kendra, have a growing family with two littles. Michael brings an approachable, empathetic personality that quickly welcomes conversation and friendship.

"I can think of only three good reasons to wake up early in the morning:

1) It's hunting season.

2) The coffee is ready. (If you can't drink your coffee black, then you're drinking the wrong coffee.)

3) My kids need me.

It turns out, I get up early a lot."


Wes Dong

Connections Pastor

Wes relocated from Edmonton, Alberta in 2015 to join our staff team in a role specifically designed for him: connecting people. His gift of being able to make newcomers feel welcomed and find that perfect group of people shines each week. Wes enjoys the culinary arts and believes that Jesus used food to bring people together, so we should too! If you need a cooking tip, he's your guy! Just ask him about his soup trifecta. We would tell you his favourite sports team but that's pretty obvious - his jersey is amidst his Sunday best outfit rotation.


Barbara Siggelkow

Assistant Director, elementary ministry

Barbara has been a part of our Children's Ministry team since 2018. She has an ear and an intuition as to what will be receptive to a younger audience. She brings lessons to life, and at the core of it all, wants younger children to know and be affirmed of Jesus' love for them. She and her husband Jonathan enjoy seeing their adult children following Jesus and watching them raising their grandchildren to know and love Jesus too. "My idea of fun involves kids or quiet - but unfortunately those two are opposites. Do I have a spilt personality?"


Elmer Spilchen

Life Care Pastor

Elmer followed the Lord's call out of retirement and into ministry, joining our team in 2018. His heart to see all ages be set free and healed from the heaviness of life's brokenness and burdens motivates him to share his spiritual life journey with vulnerability and humility. He and his wife, Laurel, demonstrate that lives can be changed by God's love and presence. What reinvigorates Elmer? Chasing a white ball along a fairway at our local golf courses. The fresh air, exercise, and visiting friends are what bring him back each time.


Ramona Zacharias

PASTOR of women's ministry

Ramona moved to Grande Prairie as a newly-wed in 1993 and has been a part of the GPAC family since then. She along with her husband, Scott, love serving those within the church. Ramona brings an infectious humour and humility, and a gift to make those around her feel noticed and loved. She joined our staff team officially in 2019 and humbly demonstrates obedience to Jesus every time He calls her to deeper levels of faith. Ramona loves anything fall-related.... it's her favourite season, colour, mood, flavour. Best part of summer? Fall is next. Best thing about September? It's Fall. Why are winter blues never a problem? Because we just had Fall.


Lauren Farrow

Pre-School Director & GPAC Kids' Admin Assistant

Meet Lauren, our creative force behind the heart of our GPAC Kids' program. As the Pre-School Director and GPAC Kids' Admin Assistant, she combines passion with a dedication to nurturing young hearts. Whether capturing life's moments through the lens or ensuring the seamless administration of our GPAC Kids' program, Lauren brings a unique blend of creativity and organizational flair to the team. Her love for photography, travel, and a steaming cup of coffee infuses energy into her every endeavour. However, the true highlight for Lauren is witnessing the transformative power of Jesus' love in the lives of the little ones.